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Engineering at University of Cambridge

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Algorithmic Trading

Date: September 2020
Development of successful trading strategies by backtesting for NYSE and NSE.

RISC-16 Processor Design

Date: July 2020
Development of a 16 bit RISC processor as a learning exercise.
(Python, VHDL/Verilog)

Date: April 2020
Conversion of Python programs and research from 2019 into an interactive analyser.
(HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python)

Date: April 2020
Building a custom editor for making neat, printable notes, slides and sites.
(HTML, CSS, JavaScript)

Shock Absorber Design

Date: March 2020
Development of a shock absorber design for earthquake-resistant buildings using mechanical vibrations theory, fourier spectrum analysis and a differential equation solver created using Python.

Date: December 2019 - February 2020
Development of a web application for a carbon sequestration venture.

Date: November 2019
Design and development of the logo and website for Pembroke Chess Club.
(HTML, CSS, Photoshop)

Iron Constrictor

Date: August - September 2019
Building an automatic parametric steel frame constructor with primary beams linking columns, the addition of secondary beams and bracing.
Focusing on the system design pipeline as well as effective human-computer interaction at AECOM.
(Python, Rhino, Grasshopper)

Mars Lander

Date: July - August 2019
Developing autopilots, improving graphics and adding stability controls for a realistic Mars landing physics simulation environment using OpenGL.
(C++, Python)

Portfolio Optimisation (MPT and PMPT)

Date: July 2019
Optimising and analysing stock portfolio using portfolio theory.
Modern Portfolio Theory - Monte-Carlo simulator with Sharpe ratio maximisation, standard deviation risk reduction and efficient frontier analysis.
Post-Modern Portfolio Theory - Monte-Carlo simulator with Sortino ratio maximisation, downside deviation risk reduction and efficient frontier analysis.


Date: June - July 2019
Architecting photonic logic gates, simulating and developing an optical full adder.
Possible use of this as an embedded optical integrated circuit for faster and more energy-efficient computing.


Date: April 2019
Developing an alternative cooling solution to ceiling fans.
Judged by representatives from other engineering companies and selected winner by Costain.


Date: December 2018
Drug development environment designed with OpenAI standards for experimenting with reinforcement learning to generate suitable candidate alternatives to existing drugs.

Truss Bridge Structural Design

Date: October - November 2018
Investigation of an optimal truss bridge design. Designing and performing simulation analysis on a truss bridge and manufacturing a scale model.
(SolidWorks, Python, Latex)

Date: February - October 2018
Publication of my research work alongside the development of the LUCID Project.
Institute of Physics
Elsevier: Science Direct
Presentation at CERN
Oxford Physics Blog

Python Library Usage
(Python, Latex)

Muzune Web App

Date: August - September 2018
Developing the idea of audio sharing (music or recordings) as a cross-platform web app with realtime music syncing to online friends.

News API

Date: July - August 2018
Converted the Newslist scraper into a full API with API keys for tiered clients. The API allows searching news articles by source, by keywords or by category.

Cryptash Web App

Date: July - October 2017
A fully functioning paywall script with its own market place to buy and sell digital items with Bitcoin, developed before the peak of the cryptocurrency value.

Cancer Diagnosis using CNNs

Date: February - April 2017
Evaluation of convolutional networks for cancer diagnosis using histopathology micrograph images.

Newslist Web App

Date: January - February 2017
Live news app collating data from multiple sources and providing users with ability to follow specific sources and return articles in a neat user interface. Previous version used RSS feeds but the new version uses a cron job scraper and parser.
(PHP, HTML, JS, CSS, PhoneGap, Firebase)

Date: January - February 2017
A web application used to generate training data for particle analysis by providing a questionnaire for students to classify particle tracks detected by LUCID.
(Python, PHP)

Date: January - May 2017
An idea to research into the plausibility of machine learning for identification of cosmic particles which was sparked by seeing the evolution of Artificial Intelligence in recent years.
(Python, PHP, SQL)

Date: November 2016 - April 2017
Generating electricity from the energy used in walking and storing this in a lithium polymer battery which can then be used to charge a phone.
Working with Pavegen as the mentor company for the Educational Engineering Scheme.
(PTC Creo, Keyshot 5, Python, Autodesk Eagle)

Date: July 2016
A user-friendly dashboard to view Timepix data collected from LUCID (Cosmic Ray Detector) in outer space.

Date: January - April 2016
A design project with the aim of designing and manufacturing an iPhone Speaker Dock. Techniques to manufacture included wood works, vacuum forming and extensive circuitry. CAD was used for creating the design.
(PTC Creo, Keyshot)

Date: 2014 to 2015
Google Play Developer Account - Published games include Happy Roll, Gravity Line and Rocket.
(Corona SDK (Lua), Unity3D (C#, JS))